Ask yourself –

Do I like to answer the question “How do I want to live when I am old?”…

… or do I belong to the majority, who think it concerns “others” only?

It was 18 years ago when I heard my father saying, “… I look into the mirror and I see a 72 year old reflection staring at me, but I FEEL so much younger than him!” My father has left the physical world 10 years ago, yet it is this sentence I keep remembering while I look into the mirror! I see a smiling 60 year old ME, having had a positive life behind me with many ups and less downs, still believing that a glass is half-full and not half-empty.

And I keep coming back to the introductory question and the answer is very predictable indeed, which is:

No one likes to think about how they will live when they become old!

Why? Because the pictures of being “kept” in an anonymous home for the aged immediately comes to your mind and for most folks, like me, this is a worrisome thought.

Luckily there are alternatives, and if you desire to stay independently and in a self-chosen and pleasing surrounding as long as possible, you should collect information and start planning soon. Actually it is more RIGHT AWAY rather than soon; simply because, the earlier you begin, the more choices you will have!

With my 40 years of experience in the architectural field, I will provide you with ideas and suggestions to improve the living conditions, no matter what your age is right now.

To be continued soon (in this life) …